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I want to sit on a kitchen counter in my underwear at 3 am with you and talk about the universe. I want to spend my nentire Sunday laying in bed watching movies with you... I love you don't cha mind, don't cha mind, Grow old with me.. I would tell him that I want to watch documentaries together and discuss them. I would lay gently my head softly on his shoulder, and he would play with my hair. We would listen to chill music, go onto my rooftop, drink tea, and cook together...I wanna hold hands and waste Friday night with you too.... I like the way he looks at me, Like I want to believe in myself and do better things. We were never friends. Not for a second. I love you. Get excited about the little things.i love you, i want to lie with you and kiss you and stroke your beautiful face and tell you that everything is fine as long as we’re breathing in the same rhythm and our heartbeats pound like they’re one. I want to trace the outlines of your collar bones with my finger and whisper things into your ear just to see you smile. I want to hold you so tight and forget for a second that there is a world outside and school and work and college. I want you to feel me shiver when you touch me and I want you to kiss my lips. I want to feel your breath in my neck and I want to feel your hair tickling my face. I want to love you with all I have. I want to make you feel how unconditionally and hopelessly I fell in love with you and how I still fall in love with you every second I see your eyes blinking. I want you to know that only the fact that your beautiful chest rises and sinks keeps me alive. That you are what I need. And that I never felt so complete before......Landon

Tuesday, 5 - 06 - 2012

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